Operational Keys

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
1) allows you to exit unwanted menus and dialog boxes
2) used to indent; moves the
cursor 5 spaces on a line
3) Locks the alphabetic keys in uppercase
4) used with other keys to
execute (carry out) out commands
with other keys to
access commands on
the menu bar
6) used to move the cursor down to the next line
7) Used to capitalize alphabetic keys and type symbol keys
8) deletes text directly in front
of (to the right of) the cursor
9)moves the cursor to the end of a line
10) move the cursor in the direction of the arrow, one character at a time
11) moves one screen below the current cursor position
12) locks the numbers of the numeric keypad
13) moves one screen above the current cursor position
14) moves the cursor to the beginning of a line
15) allows text to be inserted
within a line of text.