Fundamentals of Technology


This course provides hands-on experiences in principles and processes essential for the technology course and develops a foundation for students interested in any technical field of study. Emphasis is placed on problem solving, design, technical communication modeling, testing, evaluation, and implications of technology. Activities are structured to integrate physical and social sciences, mathematics, and language and fine arts. This course develops skills essential for students interested in technical or engineering career fields.



The grade for each nine week period of this course will be based on:

The final grade for this course is based on:


Fundamentals of Technology Syllabus, Bell Ringers, Write to Learn, Cardboard Chair Pictures, Online Test


Project Examples

Cardboard Chair Pictures

Mouse Trap Car


Powerpoints / Documents

1.0 Analyze technology and its relationship to the designed world

Review 6 Systems of Technology.ppt

technology_an introduction.ppt

Objective 1.02.ppt

obj 1.03 ppt.ppt

Objective 1.04.ppt

Objective 1.05.ppt


Objective 2.0: Develop a safe and an effective workplace

General Safety Rules.ppt

Conducting Effective Meetings2.03.ppt


Objective 3.0: Apply a formal problem-solving method

Chapter_2_Problem_Solving PPT.ppt

Chap 3 Systems.ppt

Universal Systems of Technology.ppt

Research and Developement 3.04.ppt


Objective 4.0: Communicate the design process

Measurement Systems 4.0.PDF

Measurement Tools 4.0.PDF

Metric System Prefixes.doc

4.03 Technical Sketching.ppt



Objective 5.0: Apply the principles and elements of design

Objective 5.ppt

Obj 5.02 Terms.ppt



Objective 6.0: Develop abilities to communicate effectively in a technological world

6.02 Technical Writing.ppt

6.03 Preparing for the Presentation.ppt



 Objective 7.0: Develop an awareness of the designed world

7.01 Communication Systems

7.01 communication_overview.PDF


Technology and Stress.pdf

5 reasons we communicate.pdf

Communication Subsystem.pdf

Communications PPT Guidelines.docx


7.03 Transportation Systems

7.03 Transportation Systems.ppt

Obj 7.03 Chapter 21.ppt

Transportation Types.ppt


7.05 Manufacturing Systems

Obj 7.05 manufacturing Systems.PDF

Obj 7.05 manufacturing Production.PDF

Manufacturing System Components.PDF

Production Planning Chapter 10.ppt

Production Chapter 11.ppt

7.05 Material Processing.ppt


7.07 Construction Systems

Obj 7.07 4 Types of Construction Chap 14.ppt

Chapter 14 Continued.ppt

Planning Construction - Chap 15.ppt

Managing Construction Chap 16.ppt

Chapter 17 Construction Homes.ppt

Chapter 18 Bridges.ppt

Bridge Drawing Views.ppt


7.09 Energy and Power System

Obj 7.09 Explain the Concepts and principles of energy and.ppt

Control Circuits.ppt


7.11 Principles of Biotechnology

Objective 7.11 Principles of Biotechnology.ppt


Project Handouts

Chair Project Criteria.doc

Cardboard Chair Rubric.doc

Build a Boat that will float.doc

Co2 Car Design Instructions.doc

c02 car stat sheet.xls

Car Specs.xls

DEAL Problem Solving for Trash to Treasure.doc

Mouse Trap Car Webquest

Copy of mousetrap car data.xls

Calculating Bridge Efficiency Handout.doc


Six Main Systems into which we divide Technology.doc




Memorial Day Assignment




Career Management


Session Name Periods Projects
1st Semester Fundamentals of Technology 2nd Period


Manufacturing Projects, Problem solving Projects, Construction Projects, Transportation Projects, Design Projects, Communication Projects.
  2nd Semester Fundamentals of Technology 1st Period Manufacturing Projects, Problem solving projects, Construction Projects, Transportation Projects, Design Projects, Communication Projects.