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Keyboarding Bell Ringer

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Topic/Notes Assignment Due (to be done before class starts on date listed at left)
8/15 How well do you know your teacher BellRinger2.htm
  Objective 3.01  Interpret proofreader marks.
 Objective 3.01 Vocabulary
 Proofreader Marks, You can use your handout to answer the following. 
 3.01 Vocabulary 
 3.01 Proofreader Marks Act2 
 Language Skills  
 Spell Check fill in the blank. 
 Subject / Verb Agreement 

 4.01 Word Processing 


4.01 Terms
4.01 Operational Keys
4.01 Operational Keys Review
4.01 Operational Keys Cross Word
4.02 Apply paragraph formats effectively
4.02 Vocabulary Cross Word
4.03 Memos
4.03 Memos
4.03 Vocabulary
Bell Ringer Review


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