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Technological Design (Level 2)

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Special Thanks to Surry-Yadkin Electric for the Bright Ideas Grant!



Finished Early

Cool Tools/Finished Early


Technological Design Power points


Unit 1 Introduction to Technological Design

1) Lesson 1 Technology Defined.ppt

2) STEM Presentation_1.2.1.ppt,  Significant Scientific Discoveries Influenced by Engineering, Math.ppt

Unit 1 Lesson 3.ppt

3) Presentation1.4.1.ppt


Unit 2 Technological Design Skills

1) unit 2 lesson 3 level 2-1.ppt


Unit 3 Technological Design Fundamentals

1) System Thinking Engagement.ppt

2) Unit 3 Lesson 1 Explanation.ppt

3) Requirements and Optimization.ppt

Unit 3 Lesson 2 Communication Systems.ppt

4) Controls.ppt

5) Human Factors Engineering.ppt

6)Technology Transfer and Patents.ppt

7)Project Management Lesson 6.ppt


Unit 5 The Design World

Trasnportation and Energy and Power_5_2_1.pptx


Sustainable ConstructionTR_5_4_1.ppt

Unit 5 Lesson 1 Bio.ppt  

Unit 5 Lesson 1.ppt

Unit 5 Lesson 2Communication Technology.ppt

Unit 5 Lesson 3-5 Combined.ppt


Unit 1 Links

1) Inventions and Innovations.doc

2) Venn Diagram Rubric.doc

3) Technological Breakthrough in Science (Presentation).doc

 Class Spreadsheet

Coin Spinner Design.doc


Nasa Mars Science Mission Article 

Reverse Engineering.doc


Baby Using Ipad Video

1.4.1 Universal Design Poster Rubric.doc


Unit 2 Links

Student Resources

_Product Consumer Sheet 2_1_1.doc

Presentation Assignment Sheet_2_1_2.doc

_Engineering Design Journal Guidelines 2_1_3.doc


Unit 2 Lesson 1 Assessment Rubrics

Engineering Design Journal Rubric_2_1_1.doc

Presenation Rubric_2_1_3.doc

Team Design Rubric_2_1_4.doc

Reflective Writing Prompts_2_1_5.doc


Unit 2

SR_2_2_1. Getting Started With Sketching.doc

SR_2_2_2.Bill of Materials doc.doc


Prototype EDP.doc

New products to prototypes

How to Develop a Prototype

How It's Made: Baseball

Difference Between a GANTT and PERT Chart

Making PERT Charts

How to Plan  PERT Chart

How to do a PERT Chart in Office 2007




Unit 3 Links

Targeted Innovation

How does a Thermostat Work

Thermometer Evolution

Systems PPT Instructions/Rubric


Resource 3.1.2 MonoRail Design.doc

Lesson 1 Systems Thinking Matching.doc

Lesson 2

  Communication System Scavenger Hunt.doc  

Electronic Messaging .doc  / Electronic Messaging Rubric.doc




Building Big

Forces Lab

Bridge Design Process Steps.doc




Lesson 3.

Stock Market Article

Complex System Assignment.doc

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Feedback Control System 

Drebbles Thermostat

Clock Escapement

Worlds Largest Water Clock

Water Clock - A walk through Time


Lesson 4

Egg Drop Competition



Patent WebQuest.doc





Desk Design.doc

anthropometric table



Lesson 6




Flow Chart Cheet Sheet


Unit 4

Lesson 1 Trade-Offs and Transfers

Visit Nasa Prime Optimus Website-Engagement

Nasa Spinoff Exploration


Lesson 2

Engineering Disasters Video Lesson 2 Start at 28 Mins

Tech Gators.doc

Map for Lesson 2.doc

Interstate Highway Layout _4_2_2.doc

Engineering Interstate Highways around communities

Resource 4.2.3 Downtown Mall Design Brief.doc

Lesson 3

Jefferson Salt Mine Video

4.3.1 Reduce, Reuse Recycleoc.doc

.4.3.2 Reduce Reuse Recycle Design Portfolio.doc


Unit 5

Lesson 1

Food Engagement.doc

5.1.2 Water Quality.doc

Oil Spill Design Brief.doc


Lesson 2


Fuel Economy Research Activity5.2.2.doc

Green Energy Transportation Design Brief 5_2_3.doc

Co2 Car Design Template.docx


Lesson 3 Manufacturing


Lesson 4 Construction







Lesson 2

tr_5.2.1Global Positioning System.doc

Lesson 3-5

Hover Craft Information

Unit 5 Hover Craft Design Brief.doc



End of Semester Questionaire .doc


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